Driver faces three-year ban

A ROW at a farewell barbecue led to a driver being caught over the limit at Creswell.

Officers parked in Colliery Road at 11.30pm on 14th August saw a Renault Laguna being driven with its lights off.

They followed it and driver Gary McDougall stopped and stumbled as he got out of the car, Chesterfield magistrates heard.

“He appeared to be trying to hold on to some takeaway food and he was slurring his words,” said Helen Griffiths, prosecuting.

McDougall, 47, failed a roadside breath test and was arrested. He later gave a reading of 68mcgs of alcohol in 100mls of breath - almost double the 35mcgs limit.

The father-of-four, now living in Hove, East Sussex, admitted drink-driving - his second conviction for this offence in four years - and driving without insurance.

Julie Page, defending, said he and his family relocated to Creswell for a year to support his partner’s mother.

“Their children didn’t settle in school so they decided to move back to Hove and had a barbecue to say goodbye,” she said.

“Unfortunately, some tensions developed and he decided to leave to let things cool off.”

The court heard McDougall went to a pub and tried to calm down in the car, but the landlord said he couldn’t stay there for insurance reasons and he drove away. He believed he was covered to drive his partner’s policy.

Sentence was adjourned for probation service reports and an interim driving ban was imposed. He faces a minimum disqualification of three years.

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