Drivers are jumping traffic lights outside Donington's ram-raided Co-op

A district councillor is calling for a speedy start on repairs to Donington's ram-raided Co-op store to cut the risk of road accidents outside.
The aftermath of the ram-raid at Donington Co-op. SG290916-114TWThe aftermath of the ram-raid at Donington Co-op. SG290916-114TW
The aftermath of the ram-raid at Donington Co-op. SG290916-114TW

Three-way traffic lights were installed outside the shop following the botched raid in September because building debris spilled across the pavement and road – and because the remaining store structure was considered unsafe.

Coun Jane King says the barrier outside the part-demolished Market Place store is jutting out into the road, leaving only one carriageway usable, and there have been incidents where drivers have jumped the lights.

She said there was a crash when a van reportedly “removed the front end of a car”.

Coun King has asked county highways to have the barrier pushed back towards the store to reduce the risk of accidents.

“They said that the barrier will be removed as soon as it is safe to do so,” said Coun King. “The building is considered unsafe at the moment. It is the intention to get the Co-op reopened as soon as possible and all parties are working to that end.”

The Co-op says it is still talking to loss adjusters and expects, once talks are completed, to begin repairs so the store can reopen.

Co-op area manager Simon Taylor said: “Conversations are ongoing with loss adjusters, we expect confirmation imminently, which will then enable a programme of works to commence.”

Meanwhile a the Co-op’s pop-up shop in the car park of the Black Bull pub is popular with up to 200 transactions a day. Free minibuses have also been laid on to take customers to the Co-op food store in Billingborough.

Mr Taylor said: “It is our aim to re-open the store as quickly as possible and we would like to apologise to the community for any inconvenience while our store remains temporarily closed.”

• A stolen tractor was used to ram the store in the early hours of September 29. The store was rammed around eight times but the crooks fled without the ATM.