Drivers' need for speed raising accident fears

Market Rasen residents have voiced their concerns about road safety in the town - with an emphasis on speeding.
Waterloo Street EMN-171004-103433001Waterloo Street EMN-171004-103433001
Waterloo Street EMN-171004-103433001

Many locals have taken to the Internet to have their say on the safety of Market Rasen’s roads - with calls for improved safety measures.

Bex Hamilton said: “Something needs to be done about the speed limit on Waterloo Street.

“The speed people drive down here is a joke!

“If an animal or child got in the way, they wouldn’t stand a chance.”

Other online commenters highlighted issues on other roads.

Julie Lambie said: I’m more concerned with the drivers down Mill Road with their careless parking and erratic driving on the school runs.”

Rob Burns said: “I live off Mill Road and I don’t know how there hasn’t been an accident yet - it may just be a matter of time”.

Other commenters wanted to see traffic calming measures put in place.

Susan Vickers said: “Calming measures would definitely be a good idea. Some drivers come down way too fast.”

Les Worrall said: “Put a 20 mph limit on all roads in Market Rasen and enforce it!”

Speaking about Waterloo Street, Steve Wiles, Area Highways Manager, said: “We recognise that Waterloo Street has limitations, but, for local traffic, it is the only alternative route for George Street.

“Unfortunately, there aren’t any other routes around the area due to the existing layout of the road network.

“Safety is very important to us, so we will continue monitoring the road for any changes to the current situation.

“However, we’re not aware of speeding or accident problems on Waterloo Street to date.

“Evidence doesn’t suggest the need for further signs, markings or other traffic calming measures along the road at this time.”

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