Drivers urged to look out for two wheels

Drivers in South Yorkshire are being urged to Think Bike and look out for motorcyclists, scooter riders and pedal cyclists in a bid to reduce accidents.

This call to action from the South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership is timed to coincide with the Yorkshire and Humber Someone’s Son safety campaign.

The campaign is aiming to raise awareness with drivers, asking them to look out for riders and acknowledges that the majority of collisions involve more than one vehicle.

In 2011, 326 motorcycle and scooter riders were killed or injured on South Yorkshire’s roads, and a further 317 pedal cyclists were involved in collisions.

Research shows that across the whole of Yorkshire and Humber, 75 per cent of motorcycle and scooter casualties and 97 per cent of cyclist casualties occur as a result of a collision with another vehicle.

Joanne Wehrle, safer roads education manager from the South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership said: “We are urging drivers to look out for smaller vehicles such as scooters, motorcycles and bicycles.”

“More people are using two wheels as a means of transport all year round, particularly as a way of saving money in the current economic climate.”

“If you’re riding a bicycle, scooter or motorbike always make yourself as visible as possible by wearing high-vis clothing.”

“Pedal cyclists also need to use lights if they are riding after dark. These actions could make the difference between being seen or being involved in a collision.”

The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM), is offering all South Yorkshire motorcyclists the chance to sign-up for a half-price advanced Skills for Life training day, costing £79 instead of the usual £139.

The training day is for riders that have had at least a years motorcycling experience.

To sign-up, contact Derek Cumbers in Rotherham on 07736 157500, or Steve Grundy in Sheffield on 07717 661342.

For more information about what the course offers, visit the IAM website at