Drug treatment service will help tackle Black Mamba issue

A drug treatment service are working hard to help tackle Worksop's problem with the deadly synthetic drug Black Mamba.

Problem spots include the Canch, where users have been spotted staggering around in the manner of “upright comatose zombies” due to the drug’s effects.

A packet of Black Mamba, formerly known as a “legal high” before new legislation came into play, can be bought from a street dealer for as little £10.

Users risk experiencing side effects such as paranoia, anxiety, seizures and even heart attacks.

The problem with new psychoactive substances (NPS) is something which is being seen around the country.

Minesh Patel, services manager for change, grow, live (CGL)’s New Directions service in Nottinghamshire, said: “The increased use of new psychoactive substances (NPS), formerly ‘legal highs’, has been seen around the country.

“In Worksop, we are working collaboratively with a number of other organisations to combat drug incidents in the region.

“We are working hard to educate people about the risks associated with different drugs and support those who need it.

“Synthetic cannabinoids such as Spice and Black Mamba are the most common types of NPS and are particularly dangerous for a number of reasons – the fact they used to be legal means there are often blurred lines amongst users regarding the rules around them and how potent they are.

“The rise of social media and the internet has also allowed quick development and distribution of the substances.

“Additionally, they are often seen as substitutes for cannabis when in actual fact the risks associated with them are more similar to Class A drugs.

“Common side effects from the use of synthetic cannabinoids may include dizziness, confusion, anxiety, agitation, and vomiting with other risks such as hallucinations, paranoia, panic attacks, temporary paralysis and increased heart rate and blood pressure, which can cause a heart attack.

“The use of synthetic cannabinoids with alcohol and other drugs can also increase the risk of accident or death.

“At CGL, we offer a pathway to recovery for adults challenged by the use of drugs, and provide a range of intensive community based support, treatment and rehabilitation services designed to meet individual needs.

“The service is free and confidential and available to anyone 18 or over who lives in Nottinghamshire.”

For more information about CGL visit www.changegrowlive.org.