Drug user is a ‘changed man’

A DRUG user who raided a Clowne company told a court he was turning his life around and going into business with help from the Prince’s Trust.

A security firm monitoring CCTV at Penny Hydraulics, Station Road, saw an intruder loading electric motors onto a trolley before being disturbed and leaving.

Blood found on some of the £190 motors led police to Daniel Cartawick, Chesterfield magistrates heard. Probation officer Jerry Starnes said Cartawick had a record of dishonesty linked to amphetamine and cannabis misuse.

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It had led to a spell in custody but he had stayed clear of drugs since his release and intended to remain so, having set up a business supported by the trust.

“At the age of 25 sitting in a prison cell he realised he had to do something with his life. He doesn’t want to go back there,” said Kevin Tomlinson, defending.

Cartawick, of Rotherham Road, Clowne, admitted attempted theft of equipment worth £3,800 on 31st July.

He told the court he had every welding qualification and prison officers had helped him realise he had potential to earn a decent living.

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“I’m ever so sorry. I’ve been silly. I need stability and I want to look forward to a house and family. I’m really trying hard now. I’m a changed man,” said Cartawick.

He was due to start a welding and fabrication business from rented premises in Sheffield, having been offered a small amount of work by a company.

A Prince’s Trust grant would pay for equipment and he gave the court details of his business plan, adding that he hoped to earn £23 an hour.

Magistrate Paul Beard said: “You have obviously got your act together with this. Most people can’t and just come here and tell us fairy stories.”

Cartawick’s was given a one-year supervision order, 40 hours unpaid work and £85 costs.

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