Drunken attack woman is jailed

A WHITWELL woman was jailed for a drunken attack on her former partner, a court heard.

Brian Kynman told police his 17-year relationship with Marie Taylor turned sour when she became an alcoholic.

“He says that since moving out he has had nothing but trouble from her turning up at his address,” said Becky Mahon, prosecuting at Chesterfield magistrates court.

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Mr Kynman, of Model Village, Creswell, walked home from a pub with a friend on 26th September and Taylor followed them into the house.

“Every time he said something to her she punched him in the face. She must have punched him five times and she head-butted him twice and slammed his head into kitchen cupboards,” she said.

“She was clearly drunk. She punched him in the face a further few times after being refused cigarettes. His nose was bleeding and his whole face felt sore.”

After her arrest Taylor claimed he had texted her asking her to call round ‘for sex’, but a row blew up.

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“She said he talked about the women he had slept with. This made her angry and she hit him in the face every time he mentioned one of these girls,” added Ms Mahon.

Denney Lau, defending, said there were ‘two sides to this story’ and produced a letter, allegedly from Mr Kynman, claiming the assault didn’t happen as he had initially told police.

Mr Lau said Mr Kynman had stated: “I was saying I was having sex behind her back with her mate. I was winding her up and making her slap me. She has had physical and verbal abuse off me for a long time and I have destroyed her life. She is the victim, not me.”

Ms Mahon said the prosecution did not accept the contents of the letter.

Taylor, of Mill Lane, Whitwell, admitted assault. The bench jailed her for 12 weeks and imposed a restraining order banning her from entering Model Village and contacting Mr Kynman for two years.