East Midlands: EMAS mentors to feature in new BBC series on junior paramedics

A BBC Three award-winning production team who were behind the series Junior Doctors: Your life in their hands, have worked with the East Midlands Ambulance Service (EMAS) to produce a brand new series, Junior Paramedics.

The series follows nine paramedic science students, documenting their relationships with their mentors as they embark on their first work placement for their foundation degree course and learn what life is really like on the front line.

The mentors, from EMAS play a huge part in the student’s development, supporting them as they respond to emergency 999 calls, assessing their skills and competence to grade their performance.

One of the students, Bryn Griffiths said: “Getting your first call from ambulance control is really nerve wracking, you never know what situation you are going to be responding to.

“When faced with my first patient the pressure was on, as I had to put my skills from the classroom into practice on a real person.

Charlotte Lewis, paramedic mentor added: “Being a mentor is really rewarding, you are able to share your knowledge and experiences with the student and watch as they grow and develop.”

“It’s all about providing support and assisting the student as they learn what life is really like on the front line.”