ELDC approves £300,000 investment for Louth sports facilities

Sportsmen and women in Louth have scored a winner after councillors approved a £300,000 investment in a facility on London Road.
London Road Pavilion.London Road Pavilion.
London Road Pavilion.

As part of the deal signed up to by East Lindsey District Council, Louth Hockey Club is set to get a £50,000 loan to be paid back in 20 years.

The plan is to replace the astroturf, which officers say is at the end of its life, and reduce running costs for the facility – estimated to be around £75,000 this year.

Following the meeting, council leader Craig Leyland said there had been some initial concerns.

The facilities at London Road, Louth.The facilities at London Road, Louth.
The facilities at London Road, Louth.

Coun Leyland said: “The initial idea was to relocate the hockey club which would not have been very popular for those people coming to Louth to use it.”

However, he praised his council officers’ idea to use ELDC money to draw down further funding from sports bodies.

“Overall there’s got to be some work done by the sports club which I don’t think is unreasonable but it’s a very good solution to what was quite a difficult problem,” he said.

Councillor Jill Makinson-Sanders said she was ‘delighted’, adding: “It ensures the continuation of the hockey club which was under threat because football has got a lot more supporters and can get a bigger grant for replacing a pitch.

“I’m absolutely thrilled for Louth, we’ve got a really vibrant hockey club with county and national players.

“I’ve got grandchildren who play football so I’m really supportive of that getting a 3G pitch as well.

“They’ve been playing cricket there since the 1820s so it’s been well used over the years, but it should the site more sustainable so that’s good as well.

“It’ll bring more money into the site and make it more sustainable and that’s what we’re looking for, everything has to be paid for in this day and age really doesn’t it?”

The London Road facility is also used by Louth Old Boys Football Club and Louth Cricket Club.

All three clubs are said to have committed to helping reduce or eliminating the public sector subsidy.