Elderly sisters who were shouted at after their car broke down in Skegness appeal to find 'Good Samaritan'

Two elderly sisters whose car broke down in Skegness would like to find the 'Good Samaritan' who came to their aid when impatient passing motorists started shouting at them.

The road near Taylor's Garage in Skegness where the breakdown happened.
The road near Taylor's Garage in Skegness where the breakdown happened.

The ladies, aged 82 and 87, were on their way to the hairdressers when their car broke down on the one-way system near Taylor's Garage on Tuesday afternoon .

They said they were left 'petrified' when drivers started shouting at them while waiting for breakdown assistance .

However, a cyclist came to their aid and pushed the vehicle out of the way of the traffic towards the Royal Mail sorting office.

When one of the ladies called their friend, Amy Eyley, she said she was horrified to hear what had happened.

"She is one of the loveliest ladies and to be shouted abuse at is vile, " Amy said. "Every Tuesday they attend keep fit classes and get their hair done.

"They are genuine lovely people and didn’t deserve verbal abuse from others because their car had broken down. At least there are decent people still around to help when needed!"

Amy visited one of the ladies yesterday and said: "I went to make sure she was ok and hear all about it and try and settle her nerves.

"That is when she said she would like to officially thank the gentleman who helped them both."

If the cyclist would like to make himself known or anyone knows who he is, please PM Amy Martha Eyley on Facebook.