Emergency Blanket Scheme launches in Louth

Louth Independent Traders (LIT) have launched a new scheme which will help those who suffer an illness or injury on the streets of Louth.

Look out for this sign in local shops and cafes.

The ‘Emergency Blanket Scheme’ - which launched this week - is the brainchild of LIT chairman Gary Denniss, after recently seeing a man waiting for an ambulance on the cold pavement for over an hour, after falling and injuring himself in Eastgate.

Mr Denniss said: “People had put coats over him, but it got me thinking - what can we do?

“I thought we could get some blankets, put them around the town, and then people can use them in case of an emergency.”

Gary Denniss, chairman of Louth Independent Traders, with one of the emergency blanket packs.

The emergency packs - which can now be found in over a dozen shops and cafes around the town - contain a fleece blanket to go over the top of the patient, and a foil blanket to be carefully placed under the patient to reduce the chill from the pavement.

After a single use, the blankets can be discarded or taken with the patient in the ambulance - and the Louth Independent Traders will use their funds to replace the emergency blanket packs. The money has been raised through public events, such as special market days.

Small posters (pictured above, inset) have been placed in the windows of premises where emergency blanket packs can be found if an illness or injury takes place 
on the streets of Louth.

Residents are advised to make themselves familiar with the sign so they can locate an emergency blanket at short notice if needed, and keep a copy of the list of premises where the blankets can be found if an emergency situation arises.

Gary Denniss, chairman of Louth Independent Traders, with one of the emergency blanket packs.

The list includes: M&G Designs needlecraft, TSB Bank, St James’ Church, Whole-istic, Peter Rhodes, Spar (Mercer Row), Bridge McFarland Solicitors, Cobbles Bar, M&Co, Colorgrafix, Clarks shoes, Louth Electronics, Larders I (Butcher’s Lane) and Larders II (New Market Hall).

Mr Denniss hopes that the public will help to spread the word about the new scheme, in person and via social media.

He said: “The emergency blankets will just give people a chance until the ambulance arrives.

“It’s all about looking after ourselves, and looking after Louth. Let’s help ourselves.”

• Call Mr Denniss on 01507 604923 for more information about the Emergency Blankets Scheme.