'Enough!': Residents campaign for traffic lights after cement mixer lorry overturns on the A16 at East Keal and crashes into garden

Residents say they are 'living in fear' after the latest accident on a notorious corner in East Keal.
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Dramatic footage was released on social media on Tuesday of the moment a cement mixer lorry crashed at Hall Corner on the A16 at East Keal.

More than 42,000 people have watched the video of the lorry overturning, smashing through a fence and sending chickens that were in a pen in the garden flying into the air.

For occupant Hannah McKinley, an East Keal parish councillor and her neighbours it was a case of 'not again' and now she last launched a campaign to get traffic lights installed on the corner to stop more accidents.

The overturned lorry on the A16 at East Keal.The overturned lorry on the A16 at East Keal.
The overturned lorry on the A16 at East Keal.

She says efforts by Lincolnshire County Council to slow traffic by reducing speed limit and signage are not working and residents have had enough of being told by LCC that most drivers negotiate the bend safely and there is no need for traffic lights.

"We fear that it will take someone getting killed before something is done and that isn't good enough," she said. "This is the send time in the five years I have lived here that a vehicle has ended up in my garden. We want action now."

In October last year, a tractor crashed on the same corner shedding its load and a few weeks later three people including a child received serious injuries in an accident along the same stretch.

Luckily, the driver of the cement lorry escaped with 'minor injuries' in last week's accident but the vehicle left a trail of destruction.

Hannah McKinlay with her dad Graham Pearson (back) and Neil AllenHannah McKinlay with her dad Graham Pearson (back) and Neil Allen
Hannah McKinlay with her dad Graham Pearson (back) and Neil Allen

It blocked the entrance to three properties, shedding cement over Hannah McKinley's drive as well as cracking a water main, resulting in the A16 being closed for several hours.

Since the accident, Hannah said she was struggling to sleep fearing it would happen again. She said: "My husband and I have lived at The Woodlands for five years and this is the second time a vehicle has left the carriageway and landed in our garden.

"On October 9 last year a tractor and trailer overturned crushing a 'safety' barrier and footpath.

"We live in fear of there being a devastating accident; every time we hear a bang we think 'oh no not again'.

"If there had been an injury, then we would not be sharing this video; but amazingly the driver is OK and no one was on the footpath.

"Sometimes showing something shocking gets results as it makes people realise what could have happened!

"We shared this video to show how important it is to drive with due care and attention at all times, to show how quickly something can go wrong even if you are an experienced driver and to show dangerous the bend is and that protection is needed for pedestrians and residents before something devastating happens.

"Every time there is an accident it causes mayhem on surrounding country lanes and affects the village shop's income.

"Over the years Lincolnshire County Council has installed a safety barrier, advisory 20mph speed limit, slow lines on the road bend, bend warning signs, an adverse camber sign, chevron signs, hazard marker posts, changed the speed in the village from 40mph to 30mph and recently reinstated double white lines. However, this is not working.

"The traffic lights currently in place are slowing the traffic down and are not causing significant delays. Other suggestions we have are cameras and rumble strips."

The video was first shared by East Keal Parish Council who commented: "Here it is again - another accident at Hall Corner on the A16 in East Keal.

"We've been pestering the County Council to re-engineer this bend for years.

"The residents here are very scared. Expect some disruption."

Scores of people also took to social media to add their support for change.

Amongst them, Darren Bogg said: "Hopefully with this going on social and 3,500 views the powers that be will actually take notice and do something."

And Katy Wetherby suggested: "Flashing warning signs needed - DANGER OF TIPPING OVER positioned at intervals."

Lincolnshire County Council told Lincolnshire World the authority was aware of the accident and they would continue surveying the road.

Karen Cassar, assistant director for highways said: "We're aware of the recent collision at Hall Corner and hope those involved are okay.

“In addition to recently refreshing the bend’s lining, we will continue surveying the road and working with the local county councillor and parish to identify any further improvements.

"In the meantime, we ask all drivers to follow the 20mph advisory speed limit here and to take note of the hazard marker posts, warning signs and road-markings that highlight the alignment of the bend to ensure the safety of themselves and others.”

A spokesperson for Lincolnshire Police said: "We had a report at 13.33pm on Tuesday about an overturned lorry at East Keal. The driver had minor injuries. The road was closed for a time to allow for clean-up and recovery of the vehicle."

To sign the petition, visit www.change.org/HallCorner