Bin it! Says school anti-litter campaigners staging protest

Pupils have staged a protest to get something done about the amount of litter being left on a green space outside their primary school.

William Alvey School pupils campaigning for a bin to help stop littering on Gregson Green.
William Alvey School pupils campaigning for a bin to help stop littering on Gregson Green.

The William Alvey Conservation Club organised a protest held yesterday (Tuesday) on Gregson Green, on Eastgate, Sleaford.

Calling the campaign 'Binit', they are calling for a new bin on the green, a renewed effort to keep the green clear of litter and for everyone to do more to recycle.

They made banners, invented chants and even had an eco-protestor style tent.

Headteacher Stephen Tapley said he had written to the local councils about getting a bin. “We even offered to pay half,” he said.

He claimed there are three main groups likely to be responsible for leaving food wrappers and cans, including their own parents and children, nearby residents, the secondary school children who wait for their buses at the end of the day, as well as members of the general public dropping it in passing.

“We can send out our litter pickers from school, members of staff often go out themselves in the morning.

"But Gregson Green is special and we want to raise awareness so hopefully people will put their rubbish in the bin rather than leave it on the green,” he said.

The campaign has prompted a swift response from deputy clerk to the town council, Nicola Marshall, who welcomed the children’s concerns and announced: “The town council will be able to site a new bin on Gregson Green and hopefully this will improve the litter problem.

"Our own team of operatives have approximately 100 litter and dog poo bins across the town.

"We endeavour to keep the town as clean and litter free as possible and are grateful for all the assistance from volunteers and residents in doing so.”

Nick Law, principal of Carre’s and Kesteven and Sleaford High School, said students are regularly reminded about appropriate behaviour outside school.

Laranya Caslin, principal of St George’s Academy would be happy to forward details of the litter appeal​​​​​​ to parents and pupils and said: “Our Eco week began on June 20 and we will be doing litter picking as part of that, including sending teams of students out to litter pick around the town.”