Call for pharmacy to make blister pack recycling easier

Horncastle’s recyling group is appealing for more help for the recycling of plastic medicine strips .
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Plastic Free Horncastle is appealing to cosmetics and pharmacy giant Superdrug to make the recycling of plastic blister packets from spent prescriptions more accessible for those living in the Wolds.

In a letter to Superdrug, shared with the Horncastle News, spokesman Alison Fairchild has urged the company to make it easier to recycle these plastic items, as at present, the community has been collecting them in a box at the back of St Mary’s Church.

Alison said: “Here in Horncastle we are keen to recycle, and stop packaging going into landfill.

“Nowhere more so than with the Terracycle scheme where you collect the blister packs that tablets come in. We have been collecting them in a box at the back of St Mary’s Church, hugely successfully—people have been bringing them in by the box and bag-full. They then go to a Superdrug pharmacy for recycling.”

The problem is that the packages then have to be taken to a nearby Superdrug.

But as Louth’s branch does not accept them, the nearest is Grimsby - 26 miles away - and Alison said the only other alternative is to order their own collection box, but the smallest size would cost £91.50 every time they fill it.

She added: “There must be a better way forward if we are to cut back on plastic waste - collections from ordinary Superdrug branches would be a start.

“Yes, it would require a bit more effort, but the respect gained would outweigh this.”

A spokesman for Superdrug said that for the time being, this programme will continue to be delivered through the 200 Superdrug pharmacies across the UK which act as public access drop off locations accessible at and Superdrug will also continue to review how further stores can be added to the programme. The spokesman added: “Superdrug don’t have ‘exclusive rights’ for the recycling of medicine blister packs in the UK and very much welcome widespread involvement.

“TerraCycle is most certainly open for partnerships with further parties who are interested in funding free blister packaging recycling for consumers which would ultimately enable further collection points to become available.

“A pharmacy chain or brand looking to offer a recycling solution can get in touch with TerraCycle at: [email protected]