Coat of Hopes for climate change at Sleaford gallery

The leader of North Kesteven District Council was among visitors to The Hub in Sleaford for a two day event to see The Coat of Hopes.

Coun Richard Wright tries on the Coat of Hopes with Sandie Stratford.
Coun Richard Wright tries on the Coat of Hopes with Sandie Stratford.

Coun Richard Wright, stopped by to try on the marvellous Coat Of Hopes, created to raise awareness of the climate emergency.

It features 500 patches crafted by people around the UK and was walked from Newhaven to Glasgow for the COP26 summit last year by Sandie Stratford of Lincoln.

Coun Wright said: “It's inspiring to see the dedication and creativity that went into creating the coat of hopes. It's vital we spread the message about the urgent need to act on climate change, reaching as many people as possible. I'd encourage anyone to come along to see the coat and get inspired about what they can do to tackle the climate emergency."

Sandie Stratford recreates the COP26 walk with school pupils.

The Coat of Hopes was at the Hub in partnership with Sleaford Climate Action Network, Global Sleaford and Plastic Free Sleaford on September 23 and 24 for school groups and the public to see.

Primary school groups from years five and six enjoyed a demonstration, song and talk from Sandie, who talked about her childhood in Lincolnshire, her passion to help with the climate crisis, and how taking action and making bigger changes were now everyone's responsibility.

All the children left with a template to write a letter to the earth, with what they want to happen next, to help save the planet for their futures. On September 25, it was at Quarrington Church's morning service, then travelled to Lincoln for further events.

A close up of some of the patchwork.
Sandie Stratford with school children helping to hold and examine her Coat of Hopes.