Councillors raise concerns about Tetford development

Tetford has become the latest parish council to express doubts about proposals for new housing developments contained in East Lindsey's Local Plan.

The district council is currently preparing the plan for examination by a Government inspector.

It is effectively a planning blueprint for all future development in the region over the next two decades.

A key component are proposals for new houses in specific communities - ranging for large towns like Horncastle to smaller villages like Tetford.

At a recent meeting, parish councillors in Tetford were told the plan - still in draft form - had identified two potential sites for new homes within the village boundary.

One could accommodate 38 homes and councillors said they felt that was ‘inappropriate’ for the village.

They urged residents to make their views known in the public consultation on the Local Plan.

That consultation process closed on August 6 and East Lindsey has pledged to listen to all feedback before completing the plan.

Meanwhile, Tetford councillors are calling for action to solve ongoing problems with broadband ‘weak spots’.

Councillors were told broadband was still an issue, despite latest figures suggesting the vast majority of people should have trouble-free access to a quicker service.

Councillors have invited Stephen Brookes, Lincolnshire’s broadband programme manager, to their next 
meeting in September.

Councillors have also expressed concerns over taking on responsibility for footpath lighting and grass cutting.