Louth Town Council is asked to join bid to tackle climate change

Louth town councillors will tonight (Tuesday) be asked to back a cross-party motion to declare a ‘climate emergency’, following a week which has seen many environmental protests around the country.

Part of a climate change protest in the nearby town of Horncastle last week.

The motion is due to be brought to the town council by Labour councillor Alex Cox, seconded by Conservative councillor David Ford.

The motion will state: “We believe based on the facts we know today, it would be a breach of our duties as elected representatives of the public to continue as though there is not a climate emergency.

“Expert opinion is that CO2 in the air has to be reduced rapidly if civilisation is to survive.

Louth town councillor, Alex Cox.

“This Declaration requires that the strategy of Louth Town Council be urgently rethought in the context of a climate emergency. This includes a commitment to carbon neutrality as soon as possible. We must seek to apply the declaration through actions within a transition team.

“The challenge is to make sure this declaration is more than just words. This will be the already established ‘Tidy Louth’ working group, in the context of a total commitment to doing what is required by the climate emergency.”

Some of the actions mentioned in the motion include:

• Planting trees and wild flowers where possible;

• Environmentally focused engagement with schools and local groups;

• ‘Plastic free Louth’

• Ban on single use plastics within Louth Town Council

• A ‘principled approach’ to proposed tree felling.

• Supporting low carbon households;

• Committing to supporting sustainable transport;

• Seeking further expert advice from relevant environmental campaigning groups.

The motion continues: “As a council, by declaring a climate emergency, we not only commit to taking local environment action, 
but set a precedent for other councils and communities to follow in our path towards one common goal.”

Before the meeting, Coun Cox said: “It is clear that the public are ahead of politicians in regards to climate change, as seen by the strikes over the weekend and it would be appropriate to recognise the climate emergency on a town level, as well as implement actions within the 
‘Tidy Louth’ working group.

“I hope Louth will add to the list of parishes and districts to declare climate emergency so that we can all play a part in doing the best for the future of our planet.

• The town council meeting is due to take place tonight (Tuesday) from 6.45pm.