New lease of life for neglected Rasen area

An unloved corner of Market Rasen could become a Green community space thanks to a leasing arrangement with the owners.

A close-up of the land on the corner of Chapel Street and Linwood Road EMN-210306-081608001

The land at the corner of Chapel Street and Linwood Road is owned by Tesco since the town’s store opened more than two decades ago.

Following a meeting between the Mayor of Market Rasen, Councillor Stephen Bunney and members of the Tesco Property Board, a lease has been agreed for this land, together with a grass field behind the Linwood Road store and alongside the fire station.

Coun Bunney said: “The meeting was the next stage of discussions which began about two and a half years ago.

“I am pleased to be able to say officially now that the Tesco Property Board is looking at making sure those two plots of land will be available and that they will not be developed at the moment.

“A peppercorn rent of £1 per year for 25 years has been set for each site – with a minimum of a five years.”

The area on the corner of Chapel Street and Linwood Road has a hard surface and has been used for many things over the years – most recently, albeit many years ago, was as a portacabin for a vets’ practice.

Before that, it served as a temporary fire station and even further back as part of an industrial area serving the railway.

Coun Bunney said: “The land will be under the authority of the town council, but it has got to be community use, which is what we put forward.

“As the land will still be owned by Tesco, they may have some say on how it is used going forward.”

However, Coun Bunney is keen to make clear there will be work to do and the community needs to get involved.

He said: “The town council will not be doing all the work it has got to be done outside the town council.

“A group will be set up in time and we will be looking at how best to use these two plots of land.”

The original scheme for the corner land, when the supermarket store was being built, was for four homes, but this has now been withdrawn.

There are still possible plans for footpaths across that area, so these will need to be included with any scheme.

Coun Bunney added: “Suggestions have been made about how the corner land could be used– a pocket park and community art space was a popular suggestion, but these are early days.”

l What would you like to see either of these pieces of land used for? Let us know by emailing [email protected]