Reassurance regarding wildlife as 17 trees are felled in woods in Skegness

Reassurance has been given that nesting will not be disturbed while tree management work is being carried out on popular walks in Skegness.

Tree management work is being carried out in the woodland areas at Coronation Walk and Vine Walk in Skegness.

East Lindsey District Council is carrying out the works in the woodland areas at Coronation Walk and Vine Walk.

The authority explained: that periodically the council assess trees for the risk they might pose to public safety.

A recent assessment of trees in these areas found a small number have decay or other features which increase the risk to reduce this risk we will be felling around 17 trees.

These are Ash trees which are suffering from Ash Dieback Disease which the council have retained responsibility for, or trees assessed by Skegness Town Council who now own the woodland and are responsible for all trees apart from the Ash.

A spokesperson for East Lindsey District Council, said: “A scoping survey for nesting birds and bats has been carried out and our team are confident the trees identified for removal are currently not being used for nesting or roosting.

“This work has been approved by the Forestry Commission and by the planning committee. We are hoping the works will be completed by the end of next week”.