Residents' fury over state of waterway in Skegness

A dog walker says she has been appalled by the state of the waterway in Skegness after discovering a mattress had been dumped there amongst litter and a dead bird.
Rubbish dumped in the waterway in Skegness.Rubbish dumped in the waterway in Skegness.
Rubbish dumped in the waterway in Skegness.

Susan Elliff said she felt she had to highlight the problem after taking a morning stroll with her dog along the seafront.

“I'm a local Skegness resident who is constantly frustrated with the state of our town, and lack of maintenance and care from local businesses and our council,” she said.

“On our daily early morning dog walk, my friend and I were appalled by the amount of rubbish dumped in the waterway – including mattresses, litter, a dead bird, and something hidden below the waters surface. The water is also green and stinks.

A mattress dumped in the waterway  in Skegness.A mattress dumped in the waterway  in Skegness.
A mattress dumped in the waterway in Skegness.

“Years ago this waterway used to be emptied and cleaned on a yearly basis and kept maintained regularly.

"This year nothing has been done. It has constantly been full of litter and dead animals.

“It is a disgrace and how any wildlife are surviving is beyond me. Well, they are obviously not due to the evidence of the dead bird.”

In July, the Mayor of Skegness Coun Tony Tye leapt into action over complaints regarding the ‘stink’ coming from the eco lake on the seafront during the heatwave.

Former councillor John Byford posted shocking images on social media of the lake filled with the algae and a duck struggling to get out.

In spite of East Lindsey District Council (ELDC) dealing with the problem promptly, readers still expressed concern about what has become an ongoing problem.

Our newspaper asked ELDC what the waterway had been allowed to get in such a state.

The authority said the waterway was leased but they had taken action on this occasion due to the fly-tipping. The spokesperson said:: “The waterway is leased out to an operator who is responsible for such things as general litter picking but on this occasion, the council’s Neighbourhood team is removing the large items which have been illegally dumped.

“We are also undertaking ongoing pro-active treatment of the water to address any issues with the growth of algae. In addition to this we are also planning for the Waterway to be fully drained and cleaned later in the year in readiness for the new main season in 2023.”