Survey by ELDC Councillor and GOTEC say '85% don't want nuclear dump'

Protestors outside the ELDC offices before the full council meeting on Wednesday December 13.Protestors outside the ELDC offices before the full council meeting on Wednesday December 13.
Protestors outside the ELDC offices before the full council meeting on Wednesday December 13.
​A new survey by a Theddlethorpe campaign group has shown that after years of the campaign, public opinion remains the same – it’s still a ‘no’ to a nuclear waste dump.

​Travis Hesketh, East Lindsey District Councillor for the Withern and Theddlethorpe Ward, joined forces with the Guardians of the East Coast to host public consultation events during March to gather public opinion on Nuclear Waste Services plans to store nuclear waste at Theddlethorpe Gas Terminal.

As well as asking residents of Theddlethorpe and Sutton on Sea in person and online, village hall events were also held in Carlton, Reston, Mablethorpe, Maltby le Marsh, and Withern.

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The results showed that of the 1,008 registered votes, 85 percent of respondents did not want the GDF – the same result found in 2022’s survey – while 7.7 percent were undecided, and the remaining 7.7 percent were for a GDF.

In a statement within the results, Ken Smith, chairman of the GOTEC, said: “After a three year project, the view of the community remains the same – this community does not want a GDF. It is not a willing community.

"There is no change of opinion taking place despite NWS lobbying. It is reasonable therefore to conclude that there is no prospect of gaining community support for the GDF.”

A spokesman for Nuclear Waste Services said: “Surveying of people who live in the Search Area conducted by Yonder and shared with the Community Partnership in December highlighted that whilst awareness of the GDF development was high at 81%, a similar proportion did not know what a Geological Disposal Facility was.

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“It is therefore important that we continue to work with the Community Partnership to build understanding amongst the community over time, so that they can make an informed choice about whether they want to host a GDF in the future, through an eventual Test of Public Support.”

Jon Collins, Interim Chair of Theddlethorpe GDF Community Partnership, added: “ We are always interested in the opinions of people living in the Search Area, regardless of sample size and however they are collected.

"The findings of this recent survey will be analysed, and a report on it discussed at a future Partnership meeting.

"Our role as the Partnership is to champion the interests of our community, local people, the environment, and economy by independently encouraging the fullest participation in any decision to site a GDF in the Search Area throughout the process.

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“Nevertheless, we know that despite public debate over the last two years, we still have a long way to go before most residents know what a GDF could mean locally. A recent survey commissioned by NWS, concluded that only 20 percent of people were able to accurately explain what a GDF is.

“The GOTEC survey drew views from 1,008 people from different sources, in person and through social media, from inside and outside the Search Area.

"Ultimately, however an informed decision, about whether a GDF is right for this area will be made through a Test of Public Support (ToPS) where all residents of the Potential Host Community can have their say.”