Transition Town Louth calls for more trees

Increasing the number of trees in East Lindsey could be on the cards if councils and community groups have their way – and a ‘tree tsar’ 
or a ‘new tree forum’ could possibly also be in the offing.

Trees (stock image)

A local environmental group, Transition Town Louth, invited Colin Horton, tree officer at East Lindsey District Council, to talk about trees at their first meeting of the decade, held last month.

Transition Town Louth had proposed it would be timely to assess where we could plant more trees in Louth and district, and the group hoped that Mr Horton would be able to offer suggestions.

Mr Horton said there was a draft strategy on trees, woodlands and hedgerows at ELDC, which proposes suggestions such as having more trees, especially for new developments, and greater visibility of what tree work was going on in the district.

Mr Horton noted that there were a lot of initiatives around, some of which might need a re-boot.

Parish tree wardens had been more active as a group in the past, and bringing them together again could be a useful early step, not least to give them more support and visibility.

The Urban Tree Challenge Fund 2019 could possibly provide funds for town planting, Mr Horton said, as it was an expensive exercise.

He also pointed out that town trees were at constant risk of vandalism, so any community initiatives towards caring for them would be helpful.

Transition Town Louth agreed, however, that when it came to the issue of climate change, and the need for significant tree planting to help reduce atmospheric carbon dioxide, only landowners were really in a position to make a difference.

A call went out to landowners and farmers in East Lindsey to plant up whatever empty corners of land they had. Although, of course, many were already interested in planting trees.

At the end of the meeting last month, Mr Horton told Transition Town Louth :“It’s great that community groups are coming to me.

“With more support and enthusiasm from you, it’s easier for me to get a strategy implemented.” He agreed to remain in close contact.

Transition Town Louth has been meeting in Louth and vicinity for over 10 years to discuss ideas and create projects for a more local and sustainable future.

The group frequently meets at The White Horse in Kenwick Road, Louth.

Visit the Transition Town Louth website for future meeting dates and further information about their projects: Everybody is welcome to attend the group’s meetings.