Two events to promote sustainable lifestyles planned for Sleaford in June

Local environmental group, Sleaford Climate Action Network, is organising two events next month to promote a more sustainable lifestyle in our community.

The first is taking place on Saturday June 11 on Eastgate Green, (next to The Hub), from 11am to 1pm, when members are inviting people to learn more about Sustainable Gardening.

They are being joined by members of the Lincolnshire Organic Gardeners Organisation, who will demonstrate peat-free compost making from your throw-away vegetable peelings, dead leaves, and grass clippings, which can become nutrient-rich, organic fertilizer for your garden.

Children and adults will be invited to have fun making their own compostable paper plant pot, and fill it with compost and seeds, to take home to plant in their garden.

There will also be displays giving information and ideas for low carbon gardening, and how you can make your garden more wildlife friendly.

On Saturday June 25, they will be running a Repair Cafe at the Riverside Church Hall on Southgate, from 1pm to 3pm. Repair cafes are community events which match people who have broken items, with skilled people who like fixing things. The idea is to shift away viewing household items as disposable and you can learn how to fix your broken item too.

There will be no charge, but donations are appreciated. The event will need volunteer fixers skilled in repairing electrical items, crockery, jewellery, clothing, small furniture, clocks, toys and computers. If you could donate a couple of hours of your time, or you need something fixed, email [email protected]