Upscaling idea to help tackle flytipping in Boston

A novel way of tackling the flytipping issues blighting the town has been put forward by Boston Borough Council.

Coun Evans came up with the upscaling scheme

Upcycling Sunday will offer residents the chance to leave out items they don’t want over a certain period of time.

The idea has come from the council’s portfolio holder for waste, Coun Deborah Evans, who says it will give residents the chance to get rid of bulky items – excluding electrical goods - cluttering up there house.

Anyone who wants can have a drive around during the Upcycling period and take what they want free of charge – but anything not taken will have to be taken back in by the residents at a certain cut off time.

It will take place every month on the first Sunday of the month from September 5.

Coun Evans said: “I am committed to working with our residents and community groups to make it easier to recycle and reduce the amount of waste we produce.

“This I hope will be a fantastic event every first Sunday in the month which will encourage both the fixing and refurbishing of items which otherwise may have been thrown away or have become unwanted clutter.”

She said residents can put out household items other than electrical items on the frontage of their properties from 8am until 8pm on Upcycle Sundays.

They may be of use to other residents, community groups, charity shops, charity groups, second-hand shops, scrap metal dealers, or even schools and colleges who can all take them free of charge.

Coun Evans said: “With the climate emergency and the current rates of fly-tipping in the borough, it is really important that we find new ways to help people save our planet’s resources and to mend, restore, reuse and repurpose.

“Why not come and have a browse around Boston Lincolnshire and see what treasures you can find at our Upcycle Sunday event? Maybe stay a while and enjoy our historic town.”

The Council stressed that after 8pm uncollected items must be taken in and residents presenting and collecting items as part of this event do so at their own risk.

To find out more about this event please visit where the council has more information on the items that are acceptable and the health and safety rules around taking part in this.