VIDEO: Climate activists stage planet earth health check in Sleaford town centre

Climate activists in Sleaford staged an ‘emergency room’ stunt on the town’s streets in front of Saturday shoppers to highlight the plight of the planet.

Sleaford Climate Action Network held the Planet Medics event, delivering a graphic demonstration of the perilous state of our planet.

As world leaders discuss ways to address climate and ecological change at the COP 26 summit in Glasgow, a team of ‘rapid response medics’ symbolically battled to save a sickly patient (an inflatable planet Earth on a stretcher). The action took place over Saturday lunchtime at Handley Monument and in the Market Place.

Organiser Tim Grigg explained: “We hope that by bringing this powerful action to the streets of Sleaford, we will get people talking about Climate Change, engaged in the issues, and to realise that this isn’t a problem we can leave to someone else to solve, we all have to be part of the solution.”

Sleaford Climate Action Network members stage their climate emergency performance near Handley Monument. EMN-210611-180252001

He added: “Lifestyle changes are important but we have to demand more from our leaders and not just rhetoric and targets set way off in the future. Our planet needs our help and it needs it now and there are solutions, economic systems that work with and not against nature. And if we make the change, our children can look forward to a life in an improving world as our planet flourishes once again.”

It comes after network members last week linked with activists around the county to mark the start of COP26 talks.

They met in Sleaford Market Place to hold a two minute silence and Clang for COP with drums, sirens, pots and pans to raise the alarm for the climate emergency.

Sleaford Climate Action Network members stage their climate emergency performance, stretchering an ailing Earth along Southgate. EMN-210611-180303001