Wild idea for overgrown verges on route to Skegness

A resident has come up with a wild idea for overgrown verges on the journey from Spilsby to Skegness.
A reader has suggested roadside verges should be sown with wild flowers.A reader has suggested roadside verges should be sown with wild flowers.
A reader has suggested roadside verges should be sown with wild flowers.

Richard Mason wrote to Lincolnshire County Council with his suggestion to sow wildflower seeds on the verges to create a colourful display.

He told the Standard: "I travel along the road to Skegness from Spilsby on the bus regularly. As the bus gets past the dual carriageway by Burgh le Marsh there is a lot of grass to cut, which obviously costs a lot of money and which also looks extremely boring.

"It could be livened up and become ecologically active if the councils in conjunction with those active in keeping it 'tidy' where to seed these long stretches of unproductive grass with wildflower mixes and or reed.

"In my opinion these stretches of land between Burgh-le Marsh/Gunby roundabout and Skegness would look spectacular and attractive to more wildlife in the flowering summer months."

A similar scheme has been welcomed on roads and roundabouts surrounding Hull.

Routes were planted with wildflowers by Hull City Council for the first time two years ago .

Motorists can expect to see larkspur, cornflowers, poppies, flax, baby’s breath and coreopsis added to more of the the city’s green spaces this year.

The programme has been selected as a national winner in the Green Action Bees’ Needs Champions Awards run by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) in partnership with the Bumblebee Association and Green Flag.

Mr Mason is delighted to update us that Lincolnshire County Council has replied thanking him for his suggestion: A spokesman stated: "Lincolnshire County Council welcomes comments from members of the public as these help us to inform our policies.

"Ther suggestion will be taken into consideration when we evaluate a policy for the planting and cultivation of roadside verges.

"In the meantime, Lincolnshire County Council undertake three safety cuts per annum of highway verge.

"We only undertake a 1.1m width cut, although we do a wider cut through bends and at junctions to ensure that visibility is maintained for the safety of highway users.

"This approach ensures that there are many areas of highway verge which are left uncut which, in turn, does encourage biodiversity.

"We do consult with the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust and their input will be sought as part of the evaluation process

"In this regard, as very careful consideration must be taken to ensure that the introduction of any species of plant to a specific location is done is a sensitive and sustainable manner."

Mayor of Spilsby Coun Terry Taylor has also expressed his support for the idea. He told the Standard: ",I have seen this in Somerset and it enhances the outlook whilst driving along these roads.

"I believe it has merit to improve the appearance of what is the gateway from the wolds to the coast, although, as LCC have already commented, seasonal grass cutting would have to be reconsidered, before making any decision."