EU flag flown ‘in error’ outside Louth council building

Residents were bemused to spot the European Union flag being flown outside The Sessions House - the home of Louth Town Council - in Eastgate this morning (Monday), just a few weeks before the UK’s scheduled departure from the union.

The European Union flag was spotted outside The Sessions House in Louth on Monday morning (March 11).

The image was shared on social media, leading to a barrage of comments from those accusing the council of ‘disrespect’ for democracy by flying the flag in an area that voted heavily in favour of leaving the European Union in the referendum three years ago.

However, a town council spokesman promptly explained that the EU flag was flown in error and was rectified as soon as possible.

Instead, the Commonwealth flag was supposed to have been flown, to mark ‘Fly a Flag for the Commonwealth’, an event marking a collective public expression of commitment to the Commonwealth.

The Commonwealth Flag was displayed after the error was rectified. CQmsjfw1OpDNktlCcGO6

By early afternoon on Monday, the EU flag had been removed and the Commonwealth flag had been raised.

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• Photo: Adam Lane (‘Louth Pictures Old & New’)