Events of 9/11 are basis of latest novel by local author

A Sleaford area author has just published his latest thriller novel, this time entwined with recent tragic events.
Author Donald McDonald with his new book, 9/12 EMN-161017-110752001Author Donald McDonald with his new book, 9/12 EMN-161017-110752001
Author Donald McDonald with his new book, 9/12 EMN-161017-110752001

Secondary school teacher Donald McDonald has penned ‘9/12 Another Day’, a fictional story about Joe Solomon.

He tells how , after a troubled upbringing, Joe joins the military, giving it up for a career in finance, but becomes ensnared by organised crime into insider trading. He is wanted by prosecutors as a star witness, putting him and his family in mortal danger.

On the morning of the ‘9/11’ tragedy, he walks to his office in the Twin Towers and everything changes.

Believed dead, he starts a new life until he finds out his widow needs money to pay for a life-saving operation for the son Joe never knew he had.

Before teaching, Donald admits he has had a variety of jobs including advertising copywriter, assistant cinema manager and scaffolder’s mate.

His novels Ignatius-Tagg and its sequel Sunshine for the Righteous were published by The Daily Mail as Ignatius Tagg – Dark Horse and critically acclaimed by Amazon book reviewers.

He has a canon of work including screenplays, stage and radio plays and hopes his sequel to the original The Italian Job film will be considered.

9/12 Another Day is Donald’s fourth novel published by Brewin Books, available at £9.95. He is currently penning Someone, a story set in New York in the fifties.

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