Everest-climbing officer's fitness battle after injury

A Louth police officer who scaled Mount Everest before a sports injury saw the weight pile on is looking to a fitter future, after embarking on a special exercise programme.

Dave Leyland at Louth Police Station.

Dave Leyland admits that, after returning from his Himalayan adventure and picking up a serious shoulder injury playing football, he could not keep the weight off.

Dave climbed the world’s highest mountain just three years ago, at the age of 62, over a three week period - and was a steady 14 stone at the time.

On his return, he stayed fit - until the football injury.

Dave Leyland at Mount Everest.

Dave’s weight crept on without him realising - and he was soon ‘shocked’ to discover he had gained two stone.

To tackle the issue, Dave embarked on a 12-week training and exercise programme, supported by the police force and organised by staff from the Magna Vitae Trust, which runs the Meridian and other leisure centres in the district.

Dave, who cycles the 22-mile round trip to work, said: “Magna Vitae were brilliant and took us through an exercise programme, which I then coupled with a good diet.

“My weight is back down again now, and I am determined it will stay that way. In fact, my wife Lynette and I are joining Meridian.

• For more information on courses and activities at Magna Vitae leisure centres, visit www.magnavitae.org.