Exciting international opportunity for Cordeaux motor students

Local motor vehicle students could be the first to benefit from a '˜once in a lifetime' opportunity, after Cordeaux Academy signed up to a new, unique cross-channel project.

Didier Regnes (Motor Vehicle teacher at Lycee Jean-Baptiste Dumas) and Keith Whitelam (Motor Vehicle teacher at Cordeaux Academy).

The academy’s motor vehicle department has forged ties with the Lycee Jean-Baptiste Dumas in southern France, as part of the Charles De Gaulle Partnership.

The Anglo-French organisation works with the British Council to provide funding for learners aged 17-19. The project is unique in its vocational background, based on the motor vehicle specialism of the two schools.

This month, Cordeaux motor vehicle teacher Keith Whitelam welcomed Didier Regnes and Karima Neymaar - who teach motor vehicle engineering and English, respectively - from the Lycee to the academy, ahead of a proposed student visit next year.

The visit comes after the two schools gained approval from an assessment committee, consisting of French and English educators.

Mr Whitelam, who will be visiting the Lycee early next year, said: “This project will give pupils experience of motor vehicle technology in a different country, and it’s good for both schools. Hopefully it will be an ongoing thing.

“It will help to give pupils a larger view of the world.”

Karima Neymaar added: “We are impressed with the Motor Vehicle facilities here, especially in a rural place like yours, and provides many vocational opportunities for pupils. We have enjoyed our visit here in Lincolnshire.”