Experience the wonder of Wagyu at Jacksons Butchers in Louth

Louth is known to be the food capital of the Wolds and Jacksons Butchers is now selling the exclusive Wagyu meat and is the only business in the Lincolnshire area to be doing so.

Paul Wright and owner of Jacksons Butchers, Richard Nightengale.

Owner of Jacksons Butchers, Richard Nightengale is pleased to see how well the Wagyu is going down in Louth.

He said: “I saw that there was a gap in the market for selling Wagyu as no-one else in the area is selling it.

“As Louth is known as the food capital of the Wolds, I wanted to give our customers the opportunity to try it out.”

Wagyu, which originated in Japan, is known for its marbling effect and is high in Omega three and is healthy for you to eat.

It is recommended you cook it on a very high heat and is best served medium rare.

The meat is from the Wagyu breeds in the UK, which are very well looked after.