Fancy a bit of Justin Bieber for pancake day?

Fancy a bite of Justin Bieber? Then we have just the inspiration you need this pancake day.

To encourage youngsters to embrace the joy of pancake making, Welsh artist Nathan Wyburn has re-created Justin Bieber using only pancake ingredients and toppings for the Community Channel’s Real Food Revolution season.

This comes after the channel said it feared the traditional joy of making and tossing pancakes on Shrove Tuesday is in danger of vanishing because new statistics have revealed that 41 per cent of British people are unable to name the three basic ingredients in one of our simplest dishes - the pancake.

Nathan, who is famous for creating pop-art pictures of celebrities, decided to make the pancake Justin Bieber to show people they can have fun with food.

He said: “Food is something to be enjoyed and the ideal way to unleash your creativity – too many people are nervous of getting hands on in the kitchen.

“The earlier young people realise the fun they can have with food, the better.

“I have been working with food as a non-traditional material for my artworks for several years, it allows me to be tongue-in-cheek and capture a unique side to my subjects.”

Alex Kann, director of Community Channel, said: “Whisk, toss, eat, repeat, is a happy Pancake Day memory for many of us as children.

“Pancake making is often a first chance for children to get involved in cooking – to witness simple ingredients being turned into something edible, and to enjoy the spectacle of pancake tossing.”

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