Far Welter'd release book to celebrate Lincolnshire dialect

The East Lincolnshire Dialect Society - also known as Far Welter'd - has released a new book called '˜Inder-ends, which contains original work by the group's members.
Members of Far Welter'd with ELDC leader Craig Leyland. EMN-160219-165756001Members of Far Welter'd with ELDC leader Craig Leyland. EMN-160219-165756001
Members of Far Welter'd with ELDC leader Craig Leyland. EMN-160219-165756001

Far Welter’d meets regularly to celebrate Lincolnshire dialect with renderings of poems, stories and songs. Members also give presentations to local groups throughout the county, and have taken part in the annual National Dialect Festival since 2009, hosting it in 2011.

Treasurer and Secretary Tony Lazell said: ‘Lincolnshire dialect is only properly brought to life when it’s spoken, so we decided to make live recordings of some of the works in the book.

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“The majority of the recording took place at our meetings, so you really get a taste, not just of the dialect, but also of what a great time we have when we get together.”

Chairman Alan Mumby added: ‘One of the aims of Far Welter’d has always been to leave a legacy for future generations, and ‘Inder-ends is the first part of that legacy.

“Copies have been donated to East Lindsey District Council and Louth Town Council, and we’ll be giving copies to Louth Library and local schools. The plan is eventually to have copies in libraries and museums throughout Lincolnshire and beyond.

“The next stage is to make dialect material available online, preserved on the digital super highway for ever. That way, in years to come, when there really are no more Lincolnshire dialect speakers left, if a young person in East Lincolnshire wants to hear how their great grandparents used to speak, they’ll simply download some ‘Inder-ends!

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• The book (which also includes as CD) is on sale at MSR newsagents in Louth, as well as the Heritage bookshop on Steep Hill in Lincoln. The book is also available directly from Far Welter’d by contacting Tony Lazell on 01507 450526.