Fashion trends Notts residents have sworn NEVER to do again

The nation has experienced some crazy fashion trends in the last few decades, from shaved eyebrows to popper pants, but which one do we regret the most?

New research from clothing retailer, Banana Moon Clothing, has revealed the one fashion trend the nation has sworn to never do again - having a thong visible above your trousers.

Almost all UK adults (99%) have stated that they will never again follow this once popular fashion trend. Other fashion fails Brits have decided to leave in the past, are:

1. Bowl haircuts (98% wouldn’t do again)

2. Popper pants (97%)

3. Wearing overalls over one shoulder (97%)

4. A tribal tattoo on your upper arm (96%)

5. Very bright eyeshadow (96%)

For some, these fashion regrets happened a long time ago, and for others, it seemed like only yesterday. Over a quarter (28%) of Brits experienced their biggest fashion regret in their late teens, and 24% were in their 20’s. Not everyone grows wiser as they grow older though, with 11% of the nation having a fashion regret over the age of 40 – women (12%) more so than men (10%).

Alex Grace, Managing Director at Banana Moon Clothing, said: “The fashion world is constantly evolving and things we thought looked great in the past seem to be a disaster when we look back on the photos.”