Film will highlight horror of car crashes

A NEW hard-hitting film was launched in Sheffield on Wednesday to raise awareness of road traffic collisions.
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The film Collision is one part of an educational programme aimed at young people to highlight the potential horrors of crashes.

The film, which was shot in South Yorkshire and features local actors, will be shown in schools across the county to raise awareness, change behaviours and reduce the number of road crashes.

Collision tells the story of a group of teenagers and how, through a series of seemingly unrelated events, their lives become intertwined with devastating consequences.

Nationally, crashes are the biggest killer of young people aged between 16 and 24, and the project has been developed from the experiences and perceptions of local teenagers.

Chief Superintendent Rachel Barber, head of South Yorkshire Police operational support services and chair of the South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership said she hoped the film would help change behaviours.“

She said: “Together with the other emergency services, South Yorkshire Police witness the high financial and emotional costs resulting from road traffic collisions.”

“Each death is estimated to cost society something in the region of £1.8 million and this figure doesn’t take into account the high cost of the pain, grief and suffering of families and loved ones.”

“I hope that use of the film in secondary schools across South Yorkshire will help to raise awareness amongst young people and influence their attitudes and behaviours, in a bid to encourage safer road use both now and in the future.”

Group manager Diane Malpass from South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue added: “Some of the material in the video is shocking but is designed to have a strong impact on the youngsters.”

It is meant to bring home the consequences of careless or reckless driving, while educating them about their own safety whilst using the roads.”