Final chance to have your say on Local Plan

The final phase of consultation on the Local Plan for East Lindsey will take place between now and January 25, after which it will be submitted to the Government's Planning Inspectorate for examination.


The Plan, which is made up of the Core Strategy and Settlement Proposals 
Document, sets out the planning policies that will guide how the area will respond to an increasing population and changes in lifestyle over the next 15 years.

The Plan also looks to ensure that housing, employment land, schools, shops and other facilities are provided for, while preserving and enhancing the district’s special characteristics.

ELDC has already consulted on policies and housing allocations identified in the Plan and made a number of amendments based on feedback

The final phase of public consultation will focus on three questions: is the Plan legally compliant, is the Plan sound in terms of conformity with national planning policy, and does the Plan comply with the ‘duty to co-operate’.

Any representations made by members of the public during the final phase of consultation should state clearly what the respondent wants changing and why, and respondents are asked to provide evidence to support their proposals.

Where relevant, respondents should also provide wording for the changes proposed.

These will be sent to the Planning Inspector for consideration in early 2017.

The Inspector will look at the representations and hold hearings in public if felt necessary and may make recommendations to modify the Plan.

• To view the Plan or take part in the consultation, visit