Final farewell for Louth Brownie and Rainbow Leader

A dedicated Brownie and Rainbow leader from Louth has hung up her uniform for the last time and retired after 26 years of voluntary service.

Pam Elliott has retired as the Louth Brownie and Rainbow leader after a stint of 26 years.

Pam Elliott,63,has been the main leader for the 6th Louth Brownies and Rainbows and has seen hundreds of children pass through the doors of Eastgate Union Church.

She was also the District Commissioner for the last four years.

Pam told the Leader she had enjoyed ‘every minute’ of the last 26 years.

She said: “I have so many lovely memories from my times with the 6th Louth Brownies and Rainbows.

“They have been lots of good times - and sometimes a lot of hard work as well - but I have enjoyed every minute of the last 26 years. I am sad in a way to go but it just felt like the right time to retire.”

Pam had a special leaving party with the children last Saturday at Rand Farm Park, a place she has been taking group visits since it opened.

Pam added: “It was lovely to have my farewell party at Rand Farm Park.

“I have been taking children there, near enough since it opened and have really seen the place - and the children- grow.

“I just want to say a big thank you to everyone for their help and support over the last 26 years.

“The children have all been amazing and I will miss them very dearly. I’d also like to thank all the parents for their helping hands when needed.”

Pam is hoping for a little bit more peace and quiet during her retirement.

She added: “Now I have retired, I am hoping that I will have a little bit more time for some relaxation.”