Final plea to support annual Bathing Beauties Festival on the coast

Thousands of pounds in vital funding could be lost to the coastal economy if major sponsors are not found to support this year's Bathing Beauties Festival in Mablethorpe.

Organisers of the Bathing Beauties Festival are calling out one final plea to try and find the support for this much-loved event to run in 2016.

Organisers have made a final plea to save the festival which they say is worth £160,000 every year to the town.

They admit that without help, the nationally recognised event is ‘unlikely’ to go ahead this year due to lack of funding.

Karen Froggatt, Operations Manager of the Mablethorpe Area Partnership Community Interest Company (MAP CIC). admits she is ‘heartbroken’ by the thought of the festival being axed.

She said: “It is heartbreaking news to think that the Bathing Beauties Festival is very unlikely able to go ahead this year.

“We have had two successful three year funding bids - but have struggled this year with where to go to find the funding to run the festival which costs around £15,000 to put on.”

The festival takes place outside of the main summer season and brings a huge economic boost to the local economy in September. It is an event which always goes down well with local residents.

An independent evaluation of the festival shows the event brings in around £160,000 of additional funding to the local economy each year.

Ms Froggatt adds: “An independent evaluation of the festival proves the festival brings in a substantial amount of additional funding to the local economy.

“It has helped by bringing in extra visitors to Mablethorpe who come specially for the event, stay over in guest houses or caravan parks and eat out, amongst other thing, so it benefits the whole town. I have tried to find other streams of funding for the event, but nothing has yet come to light to keep the event running. £15,000 doesn’t seem like a lot when you bring in £160,000.

“The Festival started in a much smaller way back in 2007 and since then has grown from strength to strength . The event has also helped to put the area on the map.

“The Bathing Beauties Festival led the way on the coast as an Arts and Cultural Festival and was in existence well before the SO Festival.

“The events sees the beach huts filled with arts and crafts, street theatre along the promenade, music, dance, poetry and inter-active activities which bring the promenade to life and culminates in a spectacular pyrotechnic display.

“This is our final plea! We are looking for serious sponsors to enable us to deliver this much loved Festival.”

1 If you believe you can help or have any ideas with regards to funding, email: [email protected]