Firefighter in full kit completes 15,500 burpees for charities including Skegness Natureland

A Skegness firefighter has completed a staggering 15,500 burpees in full kit to raise money for charity - and there to congratulate him was his faithful 14-year-old dog.

Let's go - only 499 to go...
Let's go - only 499 to go...

Border Collie Meg gave an exhausted Simon Coxell a great big lick after he finished his final 500 bupees.

Simon set himself the challenge to do 500 burpees a day throughout May in aid of the Firefighters Charity and Skegness Natureland.

Already more than £1,400 has been raised on Simon's JustGiving page.

For his last day Simon wore full kit and breathing apparatus.

Simon, who has served as a firefighter in Skegness for 32 years, is no stranger to massive charity challenges. Two years ago he did a similar challenge with 2oo burpees a day for the Firefighters Charity and the Bone Cancer Research Trust.

"I'm retiring later this year and just wanted to get a good one in before then," he explained.

His final day, wearing his back pack weighing around 20kg and his breathing apparatus, was on May 31.

"Within minutes of finishing I was out on a call - but that's the way it goes," he said. "I'm feeling it now but am booked in for some physio - Olivia Brown has been brilliant keeping my body going throughout the challenge."

When he finished the challenge he had done 15,500 burpees.

Simon chose Skegness Natureland as a local charity but also the Firefighters Charity for helping him when he needed it.

"I ruptured two disks in my spine and the Firefighters Charity supported me through rehab. I wanted to give something back," he said.

As well as support from Meg, who tried to take his mind off it by bringing him a ball, Simon also got some encouragement from work colleagues.

"Some of them joined in for around 200 burpees," Simon added. "We all do fitness at work but 500 burpees is a bit extreme."

Almost there - Simon completing his 500 burpees.

There are no plans to take things easier in the future. Simon is a member of Phoenix Fitness and plans to become a Personal Trainer there when he retires.

"I'll probably rest a bit for a while," he said. "But give me a few weeks and I may well fit another challenge in before I retire."

There is still time to support Simon on his JustGiving page here.

Simon Coxell - still smiling after completing 500 burpees.