Firefighters crowbar apart concrete posts to free trapped dog in Sleaford area village

Firefighters were called to a Sleaford area village to rescue a dog that had got its paw trapped between two concrete posts yesterday afternoon (Tuesday).

The crew from Metheringham were called out just before 2pm to an address on Cumberland Avenue in Wellingore, according to Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue.

A spokesman said the firefighters used a type of wrecking crowbar called a hooligan tool and and some wedges to prize the posts wide enough apart to release the trapped dog.

The lucky pet suffered no injuries as a result.

The photo has been used for illustration purposes

Later in the day, a crew from Sleaford attended a chimney fire at a property on Leas Road, Great Hale.

The incident was reported shortly before 8pm and the crew used chimney gear and a hose to extinguish the fire.