First a car ploughs into their home - now burglars hit property

A couple have been left devastated after their home was ransacked hours after a car ploughed into it.
Andrea Pringle and Richard Robinson.Andrea Pringle and Richard Robinson.
Andrea Pringle and Richard Robinson.

Andrea Pringle, 44, and partner Richard Robinson, 46, were awoken by the sound of a car crashing into their living room in Scrimshaw Court, Skegness on Tuesday morning.

They have now revealed that the same evening thieves went into their home and stole a laptop and handbag belonging to Mrs Pringle.

Mr Robinson said: “They’d been through the cupboards and under the stairs and obviously opened some items but left them and just made off with the laptop and handbag.”

“We are devastated. We’re staying with family next door at the moment and can’t go back into the house because there’s no power yet.”

The couple had to go to Skegness Hospital after the car crashed into their home as it fractured a gas main and Mr Richardson had to be treated for the effects of gas inhalation.

Anyone with information should contact the police on the 101 number, alternatively you can report crimes anonymously to Crimestopppers 0800 555111.

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