Flame lights up Tuxford festival!

HUNDREDS of pupils from Bassetlaw’s primary schools took part in the Flame Festival held at Tuxford Academy.

Pupils aged six to seven attended the festival, with Year 10 students putting into practice the training they received from the Bassetlaw sports development team as part of their Sports Leaders’ Level One award.

The training gave them the skills to be able to deliver multi skills sessions to key stage one pupils. The students visited all 8 primary schools over a period of 4 weeks to deliver fun and exciting sports sessions.

With the help of the sports development team, the sports leaders arranged the Flame Festival.

The festival was in conjunction with the British Heart Foundations initiative Flames Lighting the Way. The Sports Leaders were able to use the 1948 original Olympic torch.

From wobble boards to bouncing balls the children participated in activities to enhance their agility, balance and co-ordination.

They had the opportunity to carry the Olympic torch also meeting Crystal Lane, Paralympics cyclist from the GB squad who attended the festival.

Associate principle Barbara Burton said: “Sports leaders were given a great opportunity spanning over a term leading multi skills sessions for key stage one pupils in primary schools the leaders planned the Flames Festival.”

“It was a lovely afternoon and they all had a great leadership experience.”