Flood chaos across South Yorkshire - warnings

Warnings to drivers and youngsters not to enter stretches of floodwater have been issued by South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue service.
Fire and Rescue.Fire and Rescue.
Fire and Rescue.

The call is made following a night of storms that has caused patch flooding across the area.

Crews attended several incidences overnight when cars were stranded in water, and in some cases youngsters have been seen entering floodwater and trying to swim or paddle in it.

Edlington fire crew was called to floods at Pastures Road, Mexborough, at 7.45pm last night with the rescue boat, but a fire spokesman said police had the scene under control when they arrived.

He said: “We went prepared, with all necessary water rescue equipment but police were there and had the matter in hand. No rescues were necessary.”

But he warned of the dangers of kids playing in water that could contain raw sewage from uplifted drains.

“You don’t know what’s in the water or how deep it is and we advise motorists and pedestrians strongly not to enter floodwater. There are hidden dangers, including biological hazards,” he said.

Youngsters were seen trying to swim in flood water at Denaby Main, and were warned of the dangers.

Fire crews from two stations attended an alert to the derelict Hickleton Hall and were there for two hours after waiting to gain entry. Rainwater had activated a smoke alarm at 7pm but there was no fire.

Flooding also caused issues at Swinton Bridge yesterday evening with some bus diversions in place.

Doncaster fire crews reported no major incidents. The worst hit area in South Yorkshire was Barnsley town centre, where the interchange and central car parks were flooded.