Foot Doctor in Louth is staying in line with tradition

The Foot Doctor - Rosewood Foot Healthcare has recently moved to bigger premises in Eastgate, Louth and is now keeping up with the former business's historic tradition.

The signage outside of the The Foot Doctor is Louth is also upside down, inkeeping with the historic tradition with how former business, Wrights of Louth had it.

For many people living in and around the town, they knew the building as newsagents and stationery shop, ‘Wrights of Louth’, which was open for many years.

One of the most unique details of the shop was the main sign above the premises which read ‘Wrights of Louth’.

However, the sign was placed upside down and wasn’t moved back to it’s original upright position.

Even though the shop has now changed hands and is a completely new business, the owners of Rosewood Foot Healthcare have decided to keep up with the old tradition and have placed their sign hung upside down too.

The owner, Stephen said: “A lot of people keep coming in and asking about why the sign has been placed upside down.

“People have either forgotten about how Wrights of Louth had it, or maybe didn’t notice.

“So it seemed like a good idea to get the story out there, so people know why we have decided to keep the sign upside down as well.”