Force personell Slog it out for charity

Forty members of the armed forces completed a series of challenges as part of the 29th Annual Logistics Squadron's charity event the Boston Slog.'¨This event consists of four separate challenges including a 14-mile Iron Man and Iron Lady cycle ride to the Stump - with a return run; a 28-mile Cycle Man round-trip race; a half-marathon of 13.2 miles from the Boston Stump back to RAF Coningsby via Gypsy Bridge known as The Run.
The Annual Boston Slog. SAC Helen Rimmer (RAF)The Annual Boston Slog. SAC Helen Rimmer (RAF)
The Annual Boston Slog. SAC Helen Rimmer (RAF)

This year’s ‘Iron Man’ was Chief Technician Matthew McNeil with a combined run and cycle time of 2hrs 27mins. The Cycle Man was Corporal Gary Sparks in 1hr 13 mins with Corporal Iain Bailey running the 13.2 miles in a mere 1 hr and 20 mins. No-one took part in the full Iron Lady challenge, however some female members did take part in the cycle.

It is hoped the event will raise more than £500 which will be split between the British Heart Foundation and Cancer Research UK.