Former addict from near Skegness praises charity

A former heroin addict living near Skegness has spoken of how a Lincolnshire charity is helping her win her battle against drugs.

Sacha Evans,  of Skegness, with her horse.
Sacha Evans, of Skegness, with her horse.

Sacha Evans, 42, lives in a rural village with her two children, where they enjoy going for walks and looking after the horse that Sacha was proud to buy last year. However, life has not always been so peaceful for Sacha.

More than 20 years ago, she lived in South Yorkshire with a partner who developed a drug habit. Slowly she became a heroin addict too and in her own words ‘had a rough few years’.

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She said: “Often I was so desperate to get off drugs that I’d put myself in prison on purpose by doing something stupid.

“Under the discipline and routine behind bars, and with no responsibilities, I’d clean myself up in six weeks and be fine – but then as soon as I was let out again, with no support and surrounded by the same people who’d got me into drugs in the first place, I’d be back on them. No matter what I did, I couldn’t seem to stop and I knew I was slowly killing myself.”

It was only when she became pregnant with her son, now 10, that she found the support and developed the strength to quit heroin for good.

When her daughter was born not long afterwards, Sacha made a break with her past and moved with her children to Lincolnshire to be near relatives.

To coincide with the move, Sacha was referred to Addaction Lincolnshire for ongoing support and treatment and continues to be helped by them seven years on.

“Addaction have allowed me to become the mother I always wanted to be,” she said. “I feel so grateful to be healthy and well enough to enjoy life in the fresh air and countryside with my kids and my horse, get some exercise, have a laugh and spread the word about these fabulous people.”