Former Fotherby woman Charlotte wows on world stage

By day former Fotherby woman Charlotte Hodgson takes to the skies working for Emirates Airline - but by night she is busy training for fitness competitions.

Charlotte Hodgson.

The 27-year-old’s hard work and dedication has paid off after she recently came out as the winner of the World Beauty and Fitness and Fashion (WBFF) Fitness Atlantic competition held in Uncasville, Connecticut.

Charlotte competed in the Bikini Division and the win also secured her a Pro Card, after just taking part in her second competition.

She has always been keen to keep in shape and Charlotte tells us how she made the transition to the WBFF stage.

“I started out as a competitive swimmer for the Louth Dolphins Swimming Club until I was 16,” Charlotte said.

“Competing has always been innate in me.

“I kept my fitness levels up through the gym into adulthood and I wanted a new challenge to better myself, so I decided to enter my first physique show.”

Charlotte has worked for Emirates, flying around the world as an air hostess for four-and-half years and explains that keeping fit and healthy helps with the high demands that this job entails.

She said: “Being part of the cabin crew is very demanding on the body, exercise is my way of feeling healthier and it gives me more energy to fly.

“People do my job to see the world - we travel to certain destinations for the amazing food we get to try and the things we get to experience. It is so mentally challenging whilst I make preparations, as I have to give all of that up and make sure I prioritise my training 100 per cent, during those vital 16 weeks before competition. It also meant only flying to destinations that have good hotel gyms.

“Plus I have to spend time working out ways to prepare my food in hotel rooms, rather than kitchens.”

But even though training for competition can be tough at times for Charlotte, she explains that it is always worth that extra effort and wouldn’t change anything she has done for a second.

She added: “It can be draining at times, but worth every second when you step out onto that stage knowing what you’ve accomplished.

“Being able to say I’m a WBFF pro and knowing I did it whilst flying around the world is something I am very proud of.”