Four Lincolnshire projects get government funding to help response to emergencies

Lincolnshire’s Resilience Forum has secured almost £250,000 for projects that will assist during emergencies.
Funding for Lincolnshire emergency resilience.Funding for Lincolnshire emergency resilience.
Funding for Lincolnshire emergency resilience.

Four bids to the government for funding from the Local Resilience Funding (LRF) Pilot scheme, have been successful and include funding to improve the use of drones and mapping during emergencies.

Coun Lindsey Cawrey, executive councillor for emergency services at the county council, said: “Responding to larger emergencies - particularly flooding but also major transport incidents or the loss of critical infrastructure – is a crucial role of public services. Having this additional funding means we can respond more effectively utilising advanced technology. It will also support our efforts to warn and inform the public before, during and after emergencies.”

The projects that have secured funding are:

Flood and emergency resilience funding.Flood and emergency resilience funding.
Flood and emergency resilience funding.

• £50k for improved and more reliable use of drones in emergencies

• £40k to help engagement with communities regarding emergency preparedness

• £70k to upgrade rest centre systems and documentation

• £75k for improved and integrated mapping software.

£250k to help Lincolnshire emergencies.£250k to help Lincolnshire emergencies.
£250k to help Lincolnshire emergencies.

Ian Reed, Head of Emergency Planning at the county council, said: “Recent emergencies have shown us how useful technology such as drones and GIS can be to get real-time intelligence and a better spatial understanding of affected areas.

"In Lincolnshire we want to make sure we can use this to its best potential and are ambitious about what can be achieved when we work together. No other area of the country has had approval for more than one project, so we’re delighted to have been recognised for our innovation in this way.”