Friend’s name sprayed on wall

A WORKSOP man spray-painted the name of a dead pal on a house wall as a tribute to him, a court heard.

Stephanie Wood told police she heard shouting as she sat in her Creswell home at 5.50pm on 12th August. She looked outside and saw four males and a female leaning against a car drinking cans of lager.

Ryan Pendleton, 31, - the partner of a neighbour - was among them and he walked down a gennel next to Ms Wood’s home.

“She went out and saw him with a spray can writing on an outside wall. She told him to stop and he asked if he could finish it off,” Helen Griffiths, prosecuting, told Chesterfield magistrates.

Pendleton had painted the name Wes in 2ft-high letters, stretching 4ft along the wall.

“This was the name of someone they knew who had recently passed away in the locality,” said Mrs Griffiths.

Police found the spray cans in the garden of an address where Pendleton was but he denied vandalising the wall. He admitted it during a second interview.

“He said other people wanted to make a tribute to Wes by spraying his name on the wall. He said other members of the group had goaded him into doing it,” she added.

Pendleton told the court: “I apologise for what happened. A friend passed away and I was just doing that - that’s how I am. I can’t say any more. It was a daft thing.”

Pendleton, of Watson Road, Worksop, admitted damaging property. He was fined £89, with £75 compensation and £85 costs.