Frozen pipe advice as cold weather returns to the Isle

As the cold weather returns this week, Severn Trent Water is ready for what could be a very busy time. That’s because when the temperatures drop we often see more leaks and burst water pipes.


The company has brought in extra resources so that it can cope with any increase in work. It has also made sure it has the right vehicles, such as 4x4s, so that work to repair leaks and bursts can continue if we see lots of snow over the coming months.

The company is also reminding its customers what to do if they have any problems.

Gary Cooper, who has 35 years experience repairing leaks across the region for Severn Trent, explains: “Many of our customers may not realise that Severn Trent is only responsible for the water mains and service pipes in the public highway. Anything inside the property boundary is the responsibility of the homeowner. We want our customers to avoid what could be a lot of heartache and expense if their home is affected by burst pipes.

“If you do have a problem with your water supply this winter, with either low pressure or no water coming out of your taps, first check to see if your neighbours are having similar trouble. This will help establish if the issue is on Severn Trent’s network or on your own supply pipe. If your neighbours’ water supply is normal it’s likely that you’ll need to call a plumber. If more than one household is affected you’ll need to ring Severn Trent’s 24 hour emergency number to report the problem - 0800 783 4444.

“And if you do need to call a plumber and don’t know who to call, we support – a dedicated online search facility for qualified and approved plumbers, so you can get plumbing help from someone you can trust.”

“Colder weather can wreak havoc on household water pipes. When water freezes it expands, putting more pressure on pipes and joints, often causing pipes to split or joints to pull apart. Taking steps now to make sure the pipework leading to your home and within your property is protected can help avoid problems with frozen pipes once the temperatures drop. We’ve got lots of great advice on getting your home ready for the cold on our website at”